Middle School Students

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program encourages its students to explore personal visions through a variety of mediums and materials. Visual Arts students are offered coursework that includes art history, photography, painting, digital photography, three dimensional art and printmaking. Academy students will be required to keep sketchbooks while developing portfolios which will serve to document their artistic growth and showcase skills that take them to the next stages of their education or into their professional careers.

The central philosophy of the Visual Arts Academy is that to truly learn a discipline, one must learn by doing and not just study it in a classroom. Our visual arts program combines in-class lectures to familiarize students with the fundamentals of their discipline, instructor-supervised workshops to ensure students are comfortable with their equipment and independent projects that allow students to bring their ideas to life. All students applying to these programs must meet the following eligibility criteria: 2.0 GPA and an eligible audition score, if required. 


Available School Options


A.W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts (Audition required)
Boynton Beach Community High School (Audition required)
Santaluces Community High School (Digital Media & Photography-no audition required)

There are no in-house programs