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The Equine/Pre-Veterinarian Program provides students with an opportunity to pursue a rigorous, accelerated science program to prepare them for veterinary medicine and/or animal sciences at the college level. Due to the rigorous science curriculum, this program is also appropriate for students preparing for a college program in pre-medicine or any field requiring a strong foundation in upper level sciences. Topics include horse anatomy and physiology, behavior, parasitology, disease, lameness, etc. Students in this program are required to complete twenty hours of community service in an animal-based area during each year of high school and to intern with an animal health care facility, complete research assignments in animal health care/medicine and prepare veterinary case studies as a senior in high school. All students applying to this program must meet the following eligibility criteria: 3.0 GPA and Algebra I or Algebra I Honors required.

Wellington Community High

In-House (You can only apply to the in-house program if you reside in the school zone)

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