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Pre-Medical Sciences

The Pre-Medical Sciences Program is a three-year preparatory program for the middle school student that will emphasize science, math, and language skills while preparing students to be highly competitive in the medical field. It will also help students in the decision making process as they enter high school. The courses offered include Orientation to Health Occupations, Exploration of Health Occupations, and Medical Skill/Services.

Boca Raton Community Middle
Congress Middle
H.L. Watkins Middle
Jupiter Middle
Lake Shore Middle
Lantana Community Middle
Loggers Run Middle **
Roosevelt Community Middle
Western Pines Middle

(You can only apply to the in-house program if you reside in the school zone)
Independence Middle
L.C. Swain Middle
Woodlands Middle

 ** Loggers Run Middle School in conjunction with their Pre–Medical Program offers a 3–year comprehensive Forensic Science program. This program introduces forensic concepts through text and hands-on activities. Students will learn about careers in Forensic Science, advanced problem solving techniques, and crime scene analysis while working in a highly interactive environment.