Middle School Students


The Pre-Law Academy provides middle school students with a fundamental understanding of the American legal system from variety of perspectives, both civil and criminal. Students participating in this program will develop an appreciation of essential historical information concerning the development of the American legal system and the working structure of American government. Moreover, students will gain an understanding of procedural issues in the courts; specific concepts of law; the distinctive characteristics of criminal law and procedure; and finally, the roles of various legal professionals and the effect of legal ethics on the practice of law. This program also provides a functional appreciation for students with regard to the impact of the legal system on their lives and chosen future career endeavors.

Independence Middle
Jeaga Middle
Loggers Run Middle

In-House (You can only apply to the in-house program if you reside in the school zone)
L. C. Swain Middle

*For details regarding specific programs offered at each school, please see the Choice Programs Booklet